Men’s Formal Footwear: The Complete Guide

Posted 2 years ago in Style

Nice footwear can add a tremendous amount of sophistication, class and elegance to your wardrobe. It can also provide the perfect finishing touch to your suit.

Below is a list of the most commonly worn, formal shoes that men can choose from.

This is a classic shoe style which has both a formal and dressy appeal. You can buy oxfords in a variety of colours, although black and dark brown are the most formal types. Generally speaking, the sleeker designs tend to be black. Whereas the brogue oxfords, they tend to have a more robust construction – even though they look less formal. Oxford’s should only be worn with suit pants, never with jeans.

Every travelling businessmen’s best friend – loafers; they effortlessly slip on and off, they’re comfortable to wear and they’re also incredibly versatile. The sleeker and simpler the design – the more formal they look. Ultimately, the more of your socks they conceal, the better they look. These shoes can be worn with either jeans or dress pants. As a side note, they also work well with suits when no necktie is required.

Loake-Black-Cap-Toe-OxfordCap Toes
Named after the extra layer of leather near the front of the shoes, cap toes are a more robust version of oxfords. Again, the darker they are in colour – the more formality they will convey. Depending on the style and occasion you’re wearing them for, cap toed shoes should only be worn with suits and tuxedos.

$T2eC16hHJIcFHOBy7VepBSIugMSwow~~60_35Dress Boots
Dress boots are a sleek, minimalistic and well-made boot style, which can be worn with both jeans or trousers. During the colder months, they can even be paired with suits. Dress boots are available in a variety of styles such as brogue, wing tip, monk strap, and cap toes.

img-thing (2)Monk Straps
The term monk strap is a reference to the buckled strap, which replaces the more traditional-looking laces. Monk straps can come with either one, two, or even three straps. They  are available in range of colours, too. These shoes are perfect for those of us who want to wear a more unique, formal shoe. When you wear a pair of monk straps, make sure their buckle matches either your belt buckle, wrist watch or cufflinks for the perfect look.